About Studio 52


In 2018, a small group of Airdrie artists formed Studio 52. It's purpose was to give us a place to follow our artistic paths through year-long projects, with each year culminating in an unveiling show where the art would be displayed and available for sale. Our first two years and shows were incredibly successful. And then 2020 came and derailed our plans.
Like everyone else, we found 2020 to be a year of unforeseen and unimaginable difficulties, sadness, confusion, fear, loneliness and isolation. Everyone had searched for healing outlets for those feelings but as artists, creativity wasn’t even a consoling option because most of us lost it. We were all missing that essential part of ourselves so as a group, we decided that 2021 would be a year of rebirth of our creative selves. We called our over all project 2021: Renascent (meaning rebirth). We planned to all take our own paths this year without any strict rules or goals to follow, but Lola changed all of that. Sharon reached out to the other three artists and our writer member and threw out the idea of creating art that could go onto Lola merchandise. The group flew into action and two weeks into the project, we have 11 pieces of art and one children's book that have been created for The Lola Project. There will be more art revealed throughout the year, with prints and original pieces of art offered for purchase.
As we enter this second year of the pandemic, our member Pearl says it best: We will go forth into 2021 strong like warriors with paint brushes and pencils for swords, canvas and paper for shields. We are so pleased to be able to help mental health in our community through The Lola Project.